Monday, February 15, 2010

It’s a ‘fiesta’ all the way

In the heart of Baga’s activity, a long pebbled pathway bordered by swaying palms leads you to a restaurant, lanterns swaying in the breeze as they hang from tress, candle lights fluttering in their glass chimneys tables set under a canopy of stars. Romance? Yes the place is created for it… the décor says it all…Joe’s anticipation began to mount….no not for romance. It was his craving-for good food. Actually it takes very little to stir those taste buds of his…but with a name like that he was prepared for festa’ time..even though carnival was a few weeks away.

The seating itself is different…..started by Yellow and Manek Contractor, this duo has made contemporary fine dining the place to be frequented by one and all. There were people of all nationalities….what did they have in store for us?

Having trained under German chefs, Yellow has compiled a menu of German, Italian and European cuisine. For starters from her very home town Bavaria comes the honey flavored goat cheese milk served with savory waffles. Every bite is a pure delight....the crunchy croutons on top of the smooth melting cheese a gourmet’s fantasy. And then there are the old favorites…pizza, thin and crisp with a slight singe on the rim has a wide variety of toppings to add piazzz to the night. But these are just suggested starters….there is a whole range of Italian pastas, the lasagna is her very own speciality, and in the fish section her recommendation which is superb, the Kingfish au gratin, baked on wood fires before being served with a heady white wine sauce.

But this lady has given the whole range of culinary delights a new twist. Joe had the classic pepper steak while I decided to have the Chicken with an Asiatic flavor. Now one normally nibbles at the food and make small conversation between bites..did it happen? No siree…..the man in my life was feasting with gusto….a classic way of dining. Perhaps it is called a Classic pepper steak as most diners would behave like the man in my life… I wonder?

But Yellow is a person after my own heart….she believes in adding balance to the choice. Two full pages of desserts, as yellow confesses that is the icing on the cake. There is Fiestas Special Zabgolione..the foamy dessert with that hint of Port wine made a la minute, and designer ice creams. Ah yes! The Cappuccino Pear has coffee ice-cream sandwiched in meringue in an Irish cream liqueur with a marinated pear.

Now it was my turn to ‘gorge’. It was pure delight. Oh goes without saying….Manek and Yellow promise you a ‘fiesta’ all the way.

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