Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Culinary Escapade of Goa

Goa on a platter...Fun...Food...Frolic
A Historical and Cultural legacy

What does one do on a holiday? Go sightseeing, relax, sunbathe and gorge on the tempting delicacies that the place has to offer.It was with this idea in mind that author Odette Mascarenhas embarked on her 'escapade' to unravel the culture, history and cuisine of Goa and serve it up on a platter.

It encompasses the different talukas together with the recommended places to eat and visit. With a review of Goa's 40+ restaurants to visit, their specialties will tempt your palate, your taste buds fired with expectancy on what should follow.

The author believes that after a holiday, one should have a recollection of memorable moments spent there...and this book provides it. Reliving traditions, festivals and folklore of the past...a culture which is slowly dying, but still retained in villages. Or perhaps once back home, with a hope of trying out Goa's unique preparations from the top six chefs of Goa... 24 recipes of Hindu Goan, Christian Goan and even Portuguese cuisine.

From a tourists point of view, a panel was instituted to rate and review 40 good restaurants in Goa plus 60 others which could be visited to enjoy a different experience. from speciality based cuisines, to the haunt of local Goans where the fresh catch of the day or a unique curry could have one's taste buds begging for more.

The book also explores the history of Goa throughout the ages...Kadamba, Saraswat, Portuguese the numerous conquests added flavor to the constant evolving culinary preparations as well as to the culture of the land. So backed with the knowledge that the book provides one would be empowered to experience the most enticing 'escapade' of their holiday.

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Anonymous said...

Simply Superb. It gives a foodie exactly what they wish for when they go to Goa. A must have copy.

Adrian Joseph (USA) said...

Shows GOA as the melting pot of Cuisine..... A mouth watering delight.

flipmitch said...

Dear Odette,

I found information about your book "A Culinary Escapade of Goa", which I would certainly like to buy, but where can I buy it? And also, I would be really obliged if you could tell me the name of the condiment you get with the "xit kodi", which consists of dried prawns, coconut & chillies. Or even better give me the recipe! :-)

Thank you!


flipmitch said...

So once again, my e-mail ID is

Thanks again!