Saturday, April 27, 2013

Its one year year in April 2013

The Goan Culinary Club celebrates its’ first birthday at O Coqueiro…the very place where the meets were initiated. And while the first year was spent in creating awareness amongst ‘people’ both here and abroad, the twenty five members sat down to deliberate its new course of action for the year.

Mr Sanjith Rodrigues (MD, GSIDC) sat down to interact with the members and share his thoughts on all things grown locally. ‘the poor farmer’s sit on the roadside to sell their wares as there are very few takers’, ‘there is surplus musk melon grown which has no buyers and inadvertently land in the garbage’, ‘we prefer to buy vegetables brought in from outside Goa rather than purchase within.’

Mr. Darryl Pereira – CEO Reira Eco Ventures, an enterprising entrepreneur echoed  the message from Mr Sanjith Rodrigues …as he explained the pressures faced in setting up the projects and the need for more interactive communication from the chefs. 

With immediate effect a core team has been initiated to record the data of ‘Goan’ produce perhaps needed by the kitchens for our cuisine.Odette and Joe Mascarenhas co founders, heralded this project assisted by Ms Sunita Rodrigues (project co ordinator), Mr Victor Soares (GM Royal orchid Hotel) and Mr Sunil Kumar (Executive Chef Goa Marriott Resort and Spa) who will compile the data base from the members of the Club.

The meeting was hosted by O Coqueiro, with Chef Peter Fernandes researching tea time preparations of the good old days of yore…Filhos, Manos, Atoll, Alla Belle, Sheviyo with jaggery, and Kongyeo with gur.(jaggery)

Co founders Rene and Maria Baretto and Joe Mascarenhas and Odette Mascarenhas with Sanjith Roadrigues distributed certificates of a year’s completion to the members.

Some of the teatime snacks of the past 

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