Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Inspiration is not 100 % perspiration

Do we need to re think our concept about Goan food? We hear mothers complain about the fact that the younger generation are not ‘with it” when it comes to the heavy curries. They like ‘fast food’ moans one mother…the burgers, the pizzas, the pastas. 

So what stops us from working on the same? Enter the ‘Goan inspired food’ concept. Right now a few star hotels are working on this trend, but we are happy to note that a few standalone restaurants run by ‘local’ youth are now making headway with this.

Co founders Odette and Joe Mascarenhas met with one such entrepreneur Shawn D’Souza  of ‘Kudo’s’ fame. With one of the objectives of the Goan Culinary Club being to work on ‘mindsets’ of people to accept a cuisine which perhaps would be a little bit of everything… shades of Mambo No 5, we were pleased to see preparations on the menu that symbolize the creativity on the part of this young entrepreneur.

So you do not like to have a heavy portion of prawn balchao with poie. Try it out on small slices of baguette toasted and topped with a cream cheese and sliced olives. Comprendre? Or perhaps you like to have pasta…say Ravioli. Why have it stuffed with spinach or a continental mix when you can have it stuffed with our very own Goan Chorizo or a pizza? Move over pepperoni, the squid with our very own Goan spice…the reichade masala…does one need Oregano and chili flakes with this topping? No more Mama mia!  Saiba ye maje mog! You will exclaim.

Are these preparations finding a niche with the palates of the locals? Says Shaun ‘before we work on a certain dish to be put on the menu we give our regulars a complimentary tasting of the new ‘inspired Goan’ preparation. If it gets good feedback we add it on. We have built on this repertoire of dishes like this.’ Kudos to you boys….that’s the way to go.

So if you have some extra prawn balchao lying in the fridge somewhere, and wondering what to do for a snack, use Shaun’s Goan inspired Bruschettas. Pure inspiration  and for you, a very little perspiration. It is sure to be a hit with your kids and at parties too. Go traditional in a very untraditional way. In our own small way we are changing with the times. 

Shaun of ‘Kudo’s restaurant shares his ‘Goan inspired’ recipe with us.

Prawn Balchao Bruschetta
French baguette        1 no
Mozzarella cheese
Extra virgin olive oil     for drizzling
black olives                one number for each slice
 prawn balchao           as required.

Step 1 Cut the baguette in slices and spread the prawn balchao evenly. Add on chopped black olives and top up with mozzarella cheese
Step 2: Pre heats the oven to 300degree F and places the slices on a baking tray and place it in the oven for about 2 min just enough to melt the cheese.
Step 3: Remove and splash olive oil and serve hot!!

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