Monday, February 21, 2011

Posh and Spice

Brings to mind the Spice girls doesn’t it? But this is temptation of another kind….right on the beach of Candolim…..that will make your mouth open in a very big O! Try it ..O – O – O Hotel. Yes that is the place, and as you walk down towards the beach…you can ask for a buggy if you like, but I definitely recommend a walk to activate the juices, because you are in for a treat.

So we walked…right beyond the pool…up a wooden platform overlooking a private secluded sandy stretch to your very own private dining hall. Believe me, just limited seating on comfortable cane chairs as you commune with the stars above, to the soft music of a live two piece band…ADDAH, a tryst with Indian cuisine par excellence.

We met with Executive Sous chef Pritam Mahadik. He needs no introduction, he has been in Goa for some time now and his Indian preparations always had me begging for more. We were presented with a classy pull out menu….well the place spells ‘Posh fine dining’, someplace where you can entertain or celebrate in style. How much closer without the crowds can one get to the beach.

There is a wide variety of selected ‘spiced cuisine’ that one can choose from. Try our Maan Sahari Kebab Platter,’ Chef Pritam suggests. And while the order is being executed we look at the wine list and the spirits offered. Well there is an open display cabinet too…tempting to whet…or wet the orifice of your oral cavity before the spice works its magic. While I was getting romantic, Joe was very practical nursing a Jack Daniels on the rocks in his hand.

‘Maan lo……’ I am now referring to the platter….lasooni fish, Tandoori prawns, chicken adraki Tikka, Seekh Kebab..and the colorful accompaniments…mint chutney, garlic chutney…pickled onions…. Now getting down to business. We all have eaten and relished Indian food, but having kebabs served sizzling hot on the beach, is mind blowing and succulent too. The faint tinge of the Adrak’ in the marination of the chicken…ADDAH! …to your vocabulary my mind commanded. I opened my mouth to give a pleasurable AH!!!!! The prawns dipped in the mint chutney….the delicate spice marinade…’Tandoori delights’…. But before I go on to explain the delightful explosions in my mouth, the waiter arrived with ‘Bhuna hua Anjeer’. Now this was a first in any menu that I have studied. ‘We have many vegetarian preparations,’ Chef Pritam says. I popped a mini ball…AHH!! ..ADD another :H: to ADDAH!. Dry figs soaked in whey, and when swollen to perfection smoked in mustard and spices, even the spice girls would not be capable of creating that gyration of ecstasy that consumed me. Eaten plain or even with the kebab the ‘sweet and spicy’ combo of fig and spice…if Adam had donned a fig leaf to cover himself I am sure that his ‘gyrations’ would have dislodged the same. Luckily Joe was sedately dressed, but his mouth as he blew out into the sultry night was a delightful ‘AHHH!”

The shammi kebabs had arrived…those tasty minced cakes of gram and spices. I looked at the repertoire in the menu wondering what chef would surprise us with next. I peeked down the platform at the kitchen and saw him with a platter. ‘Raan..’ It’s not on the menu, but one can order it in advance,’ he says. Sikhander Raan, cooked for 45 minutes with yoghurt and spices…believe me it’s a feast for the kings right down to the bone. As we chomped and relished every bit we were informed that this preparation and many others were standardized in all the restaurants of the ‘O Hotel’ Group around India.

But he was just teasing us with ‘starters’. Bhatti ke Bharwan Khumb (mushrooms in cashew paste, onion, curd and capsicum) a vegetarians delight, Dum Aloo Kashmiri (although this dish needs no explanations it packs a ‘Dum’ filling), Deg ki Dal (the whole black lentil-Joe’s favorite) and with piping hot Missi Roti’s and Laccha parathas…the ‘O’s” and the Ah’a’ will keep on coming in quick successions. Well I have mentioned the vegetarian because Chef Pritam is passionate about pleasing his vegetarian guests, but he had also added a Murgh Changezi….chicken in a spicy tomato curry. A crisp missi roti dipped in that curry….all I can say please practice your vowels.

So remember whether it is ‘Ah”…’Eee”….”Oh”…the ‘I’, ‘U’ will have a delightful time at ADDAH absolutely Posh and Spice.

ADDAH (only for Dinner) Address: OHotel,DandoCandolim Tel No: 0832 3047000

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