Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kra…zzy 4 Karira

The Roshan’s are in the news…everyone is going ‘krazzy’ 4. But after our ‘cosy’ dining experience on Bunket Beds withs lots and lots of cushions we are going Krazzy 4 Karira’s.

Don’t get misled about those beds……you have a choice of a formal dining section, or sitting around the bar designed by bar consultant Nicholas Hawkins or just leaning back on those beds under the canopy of a lush green foliage and let Chef Evan Gwynne take over.

Evan…with his experiences at Nobu in London and then at the Olive in Mumbai…his expertise on the range is phenomenal. But before I go on to his culinary expertise let me introduce Shaana his wife and partner. Very much involved in all things creative Shaana is the contact for reservations…..the array of head spinning concoctions and the sweet finale.

Evan and Shaana…what a combo. Right from the time to walk down a shingle pathway…once you reach the Baga Riverside…climb a long fligh of steps, you might be fooled into believing you are entering a monestary as you see those wooden doors on either side…and then into a beautiful designed old world charm venue, under the canopy of trees.

Sipping on Mojito’s, I look across at the heavily laden jackfruit tree and then at the canopy of the plumeria tree which is festooned with lights. Across the restaurant the faint sheen of the river twinkles in the moonlight.

The menu is made up of 8:8:4. Maybe that is why the jingle of Kra…zzzy…4 was playing in my mind. Eight starters, eight Main course dishes and four desserts. Now before one thinks that the chef is displaying a limited variety let me brief you about his strategy. With a vast repertoire of cuisines under his belt…no do not take this literally…Evan’s physique made me want to jog up and down those steps again and again, but Shaana put my fears at rest…it is his constitution….lucky him. Well…despite his culinary knowledge he focuses primarily on Continental….dishes from France, Spain, Italy.

Take a look at the appetizers. A sure shot…..Grilled pancakes of proscutto which are minute pink rolls of buffalo mozzarella with rocket and port reduction….now before you take off like a rocket like we did, the rocket used is a green vegetable rich in iron. Then the awesome Breadcrumbed chicken stuffed with Gorgonzola with fresh greens and aoli. Hot….hot…hot…I am speaking of the temperature of the dish. A little nick into the breadcrumbed exterior and the cheese spurts out in rivulets. Just make sure that the chicken is close to your mouth…or else beside the cheese your partner might grab the dish. That was Joe….grrr…he loves temptation…..and chicks……sorry chicken. Another dish strongly recommended is the Fennel and parsley crabcakes, and the chef’s personal favourite…pan seared sardines served with crispy filo (caramelized onions) and sun dried tomatoes.

Don’t spend too much time on the appetizers there are the main course to feast on. Shaana comes along with a new concoction to sample…Triple sec floating on top of Bailey’s Irish cream in the shot glass…did I not talk about head spinning concoctions… was not only the triple sec that was floating, Joe was too. Luckily the main course arrived.

Well one can have a choice of any meat…….the grilled pork chops on the sweet potato puree and sautéed spinach, the asparagus and ricotta ravioli with sage butter and toasted pine nutsl… as the French say or Mama Mia when you are with the Raviloli. Truly Scrumptious!

Or you can try the Confit of snapper piperade, clams and capers. Chef Evan says that the red snapper is cooked slowly in olive oil on a slow fire while the sauce is being prepared. Harmonious….I thought as I chewed on the mini shellfish that accompanied the fish. No wonder these aquatic creatures live in perfect harmony under water.

We were sinking a few centimeters into those soft mattresses, replete and satisfied, but Shaana had other plans for us. She always has the last word…especially the sweet finale…and she makes those delicacies herself. Panacotta with strawberry carpaccio …dressed with balsamic reduction and crushed pink peppercorns. Well she uses those peppercorns which grow abundantly in that garden…and after a bite ff that delicious concoction,I felt energized to climb that tree myself….but that would leave Joe with the Dakr Chocolate Terrine with Pistachio spiked crème anglaise. Don’t get put off by the name…literally translated it means divine. And the lemon meringue nestled in a tuille basket…don’t get green with envy…the colour is lemon…the taste tangy and instead of a tart we have a specially prepared wafer basket to hold that mixture. How can I explain it…that is the problem…it is beyond definition….you need to sample it to know.

Righ now as I write this article all I can say with my mouth drooling with the memories…I am going Krazzy 4 Karira.


Sukriti said...

Hey Odette,

Any clue if they're still open and if yes, is it possible to get their number ......


Republic of Noodles

Odette said...

Hi Sukriti,

Yes they are still open.

The telephone number is 9763817737

Will keep in touch.

Warm Regards,

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